BankOnLine - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my address?

There are a few ways you can securely update your contact information:
  • Update your address by touching or clicking on your profile icon. Here, you can edit your preferred first name, address, email, and phone number. 
  • You can also visit any of our branches to change your address

What are my routing an account numbers?

You can access your account information by following the steps in the account information page.

Can you provide any additional information on a specific transaction?

CBBC Bank does not receive an itemized receipt or a listing of goods/services received with the transaction. Those questions must be answered by the merchant. If you're not familiar with the merchant name, try performing an Internet search of the name as it appears in the transaction description.

Most information about transactions are provided in the transaction description. CBBC Bank may be able to provide additional details about the date/time on debit card transactions.

Still don't recognize the transaction? Contact us directly for additional assistance.