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When you need to borrow money - CBBC Bank is focused on your financial future. CBBC Bank offers competitive rates and terms on all types of personal loans. Our lending staff will work with you to devise a repayment plan to suit your specific needs. Applying for your loan is easy and no appointment is necessary. Our qualified Loan Officers will respond quickly to your request.

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Looking for your next vehicle? Perhaps you just want a new toy to enjoy on the weekends? Or that new piece of equipment for the farm? How about just needing to build some credit? CBBC Bank has the loan terms and interest rates to put your goals with in reach and make your dreams a reality. Quick decisions made LOCAL-ly!

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CBBC Bank offers personal loans on the following:














RV’s, Campers, & Travel Trailers









Farm Equipment








CD Secured


If you would like to contact one of our lenders directly, please see their contact information below.

Chad Hicks

Julie Miller

Brent Musick
Main Office Foothills Branch Townsend Branch
NMLS# 773849 NMLS# 417560 NMLS# 475447

 (865) 977-5978

(865) 977-5970 (865) 380-1353




Joy Paine

Perry Roberts

Molly Miser
Midland Branch Midland Branch Topside Branch
(865) 977-5947 NMLS# 773783 NMLS# 1837217 (865) 977-5950

(865) 977-5980







Meagan Byrd Rick Hudolin
Heritage Branch Hwy. 411 South Branch
NMLS# 2517959 NMLS# 929685
(865) 977-5976 (865) 380-1360

*All loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Certain fees and restrictions may apply or other terms and conditions may apply. 

**Emails will receive a lender response by the end of the following business day.