BankOnLine - Bill Pay

You can enroll in Bill Pay directly from the mobile app or BankOnLine!


Payees are the companies or individuals you are setting up to receive payments. To set up a payee, you will need to access Bill Pay in either the mobile app or desktop. Access payees by touching the + symbol in the app or by clicking the New Payee button in desktop. 

From here, you will need to select a person or company and complete the prompts.
You'll be prompted to complete the information about the company to which you are sending a payment.
  • If the company participates in the Bill Pay network, the system will set them up to receive electronic payments.
  • If the company does not participate in the Bill Pay network, then the system will send a physical check in the mail to the payee. 

Pay a Person
You can set up a person to receive payments in two ways: by direct deposit or by check. 
  • Direct Deposit: This option requires you to know either 1) the person's bank account information or 2) the person's email address. If you know the person's bank account information, the payment will be send directly to that person. If you know the email address of the individual, the system will send an email to the person to complete the bank account information. 
  • Check: This option will send a check to the person. You are required to complete the mailing address of the individual receiving the payment.


You can set up payments from the Bill Pay option in the menu or by accessing the links in the dashboard. You can set up payments to occur in the following ways.
  • Pay Once - sends one payment
  • Pay Weekly - sets up a recurring payment on the date that you specify
  • Pay Monthly - sets up a recurring monthly payment on the date that you specify

Edit Payments

You can edit scheduled payments simply by touching or clicking on the payment and then selecting Edit Payment. You can then change the amount or the date that the payment will be processed.