Shareholder Info

CBBC Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Twin Cities Financial Services, Inc. (the Holding Company). The Bank, with offices in Blount and Knox counties, provides a variety of banking services to individuals and businesses. The primary deposit products offered are demand accounts, savings accounts and certificates of deposit. The primary lending products are consumer, residential real estate and commercial loans.

Contact Information

Twin Cities Financial Services, Inc.
330 E Broadway Ave
Maryville, TN 37804
(865) 977-5976

All Shareholder Inquires

Meagan Byrd
(865) 977-5976

Purchasing Shares of Stock

Should you have an interest in purchasing shares of Twin Cities Financial Services, Inc. stock as they become available, please contact Meagan Byrd at (865) 977-5976.

Interest to Sell Stock

From time to time we have Shareholders who have a desire to sell all or a portion of their shares of Twin Cities Financial Services, Inc. stock. Should you wish to sell your stock shares please send a letter (email or written) to or
Attn: Meagan Byrd
PO Box 9730
Maryville, TN 37802-9730
The letter should state the number of shares that you wish to sell as well as the minimum price per share that you are willing to accept for the stock, along with your contact information.


How do I change my address and other contact information?
If you are a shareholder who would like to make changes related to your stock information (change of address, transfer certificates to another name, etc.), please contact Meagan Byrd at (865) 977-5976 or Failure to alert the Bank of your address change may result in the delay of receiving important notifications and annual reports.
How do I report a lost or stolen stock certificate?
If you have a lost or stolen stock certificate, please contact the Bank immediately. You may be required to purchase a Lost Instrument Bond before your stock certificate(s) can be replaced.