Select the eStatements tab from the menu bar. The first time you click on the tab, you will be presented with an enrollment screen. 

Step 1

Click Details to see which accounts and document types you can enroll for eStatements. Remove the check boxes from any documents you wish to keep receiving paper statements for. 

Step 2

Make sure your email address is correct. If one is not listed you must fill one in.

Step 3

You will need to come up with a security phrase. When your eStatements become available, we will send you an email containing your phrase to let you know it's ready. When you see the security phrase in the email, you know it's from CBBC Bank.

Step 4

This step is the key to making sure that you will be able to open and read your eStatements. You must have Adobe® Reader® 6.0 or higher installed on your computer to use the service. Click on the link at the end of the sentence and an Adobe® PDF document will open in a new window. On the document will be a case sensitive verification passcode. This passcode must entered into the box under step 4. 

Step 5

For the final step, please read the terms and conditions, then check the box that acknowledges your agreement. Press the Enroll Now button. You may also click in the lower left corner of the page to see a sample statement. You will immediately see a notice stating that you will receive an email notification from CBBC Bank in an hour or less notifying you that your enrollment was a success.


The next time you click on the eStatements tab, you will see a tab labeled eStatements/Notices. This is where you will find your account eStatements once they have been generated starting with the statement after you enroll. You have access to 18 months of past account statements.