CBBC Bank Debit/ATM Fraud Shield Upgrade

The CBBC Bank Debit/ATM Fraud Shield Text Alerts system has been a tremendously well-received success at combating debit and ATM card fraud. Beginning June 8, 2016, we are bringing you a new automated fraud-detection system to aid in our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure. This system comes free of charge and automatically placed on all CBBC Bank debit cards because there are times when we have a reasonable belief that fraud is occurring on a debit card, and we need to contact you in the fastest methods available to us. 

Here’s how our new layers of security work:

1. When potential fraud is detected, your debit card will be frozen to protect you from further fraudulent activity until we are able to contact you to verify the card usage.

2. You will immediately receive an email notification from FraudShield@cbbcbank.com to the email address we have on file for you, which includes the option to reply with “fraud” or “no fraud.”

3. If there is no response to the email after one minute has passed, then you will receive a free text alert from phone number 32874, which also has the “fraud” or “no fraud” options.

4. If there is no response to the email or text that you receive from us within five minutes, then you will receive an automated phone call to confirm or deny the card activity from phone number 1(800) 417-4592. The call will also give you the option of speaking to a fraud analyst. We recommend you save this number to your phone contacts as "CBBC Bank Fraud Shield."

These added contact methods will greatly increase our detection and stoppage of fraud and will help keep your accounts secure. However, if you have changed phone numbers or email addresses, we may not be able to get in touch with you. Please see one of your LOCAL branches to verify that we have your current information. 

How can I be more protected?

The existing Fraud Shield Text Alerts, powered by CardGuardian, will continue to function as normal, if you are signed up for that service. The Fraud Shield CardGuardian Text Alerts service is critical in bringing specific transaction types to your attention that may be fraudulent because only you know where you have or haven't spent your money. You can sign up for Fraud Shield CardGuardian Texts here, and you only respond to these texts if it is fraud. Message and data rates may apply when using the CardGuardian service.