Cash Management Services

Businesses today need more than just a loan and a checking account. They need access to capital, information about cash management and a level of service that keeps them in focus. CBBC provides its customers with a level of hometown service unmatched by other banks. Investment Sweep accounts maximize your business cash earnings potential by automatically "sweeping" excess cash from your business checking account into interest-bearing investments each day. Your business checking continues to function as your primary depository and disbursement account. But by linking your business checking to a Sweep account, your excess cash at the end of the day is invested in repurchase agreements, thereby offering your business increased liquidity and higher earnings. As expected, monthly statements record all of your business transactions plus your investment balances, rates and earnings.

Business Payroll Direct Deposit

Electronically transfer payroll payments directly to employee accounts. This payment method saves you time and money, while providing safety and convenience for your employees.

Business ACH Services

Business ACH services provide direct deposits, pre-authorized debits and cash concentration or disbursement to efficiently manage your cash position. We are happy to walk you through the entire process, including training.