CBBC - Citizens Bank of Blount County - was organized in 1973 as a locally-headquartered, independent community bank with local ownership, and remains that way today.

Current directors are:

Robert L. Carroll

Bill Clabough

Joe W. Downey

Al Grubb

Leann Hicks

Gaynell Lawson

John G. Proffitt

Ben M. Robertson

Leon Shields

James M. Warren

CBBC's stability is evident in senior management, with career commitments with the bank:

President/CEO                 Gaynell Lawson

Senior Executive VP         Al Grubb

Senior Vice Presidents     Kathy Bowers, Karen Huffstetler, and Kathy Johnson.

During normal business hours, you may always speak with a local CBBC associate to personally service your banking needs...whether you need a mortgage lender, a bookkeeper, or the President of the bank.

Call, click or drop by!  We promise personalized banking by local folks who know banking, and would genuinely like to get to know you!